About Me!

About Me!

Carla Camerieri – Thirsty Camel Cocktails

As a long time lover of wine, cooking, and entertaining, it seemed like a natural progression for me to move on to the world of making cocktails. While it made perfect sense that this would be my next step, I was totally unprepared for how passionate I would become about the subject. Suddenly there was nothing that brought me more joy than to figure out a recipe, track down its ingredients, choose the right glass… all so that I could serve what I hoped to be a perfectly made cocktail to the person sitting in my kitchen. (Or theirs – I often took my bartending show on the road). I quickly fell in love, and my family and friends reaped the benefits. I wanted to share my passion even more and so I created Thirsty Camel Cocktails. While the original concept of the blog was educational, I became inspired by the often symbolic process behind the creation of drinks. This led me towards thinking about music, poetry, art, and literature… all as they might be represented by cocktails. This extended into thinking about life, and my Friday Musings posts, in particular, have allowed me to share my deepest thoughts about what we universally experience as human beings

One thing led to another, and in the spring of 2019, I began working at Recklesstown Farm Distillery in Springfield Township, NJ, where I am currently the Development and Prep Coordinator. It is a dream come true for me to be able to watch people enjoy the cocktails that I make, many of which were, and still are, inspired by ideas born on this very blog.

Please feel free to contact me at camfivec@gmail.com with any questions, ideas, recipes, etc. I’ll be happy to hear from you! Cheers everyone!

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