Friday Musings: Empower Me

Friday Musings: Empower Me

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, a celebration around the world of all that we are and all that we accomplish as women. It also marked two months since that icy night in January that changed everything for me so much. But who’s counting? I am, quite honestly. I’m so happy to report that I’m finally beginning to feel better, to feel like I’m healing, and to feel like I’ve been put back together again, both physically and emotionally. Those of you who really know me and who’ve witnessed this process, know that I wasn’t quite as stoic as I would have liked to have been. I cried a lot, as if the faucet on my emotions had been turned wide open. Yes, I was a big old weeper. I talked a lot too, mostly in an effort to understand what the universe was trying to teach me, and what I could gain from this experience going forward. There were days when the answer seemed very clear to me, and others when I couldn’t figure out what the question even was.

About ten days ago, I was cleared to return to exercise. This was huge for me because I have a regular workout that I do called Pure Barre that I absolutely love. If you’ve never tried it and you’re searching for something that’ll truly change the way you look at exercise, then you should take a class as soon as you can. Shameless plug. On my first day back, I admit to being nervous; in fact, I’d even go all the way to scared. Not of the workout or how I’d do, but of the challenge to my own strength and confidence. What if I didn’t have it anymore? What if I couldn’t do this? I expressed how I was feeling to my instructor, Alexis, who is awesome, and to the other women in class, many of whom have become my good friends. As the class got started, I felt the familiarity of the workout return to me. This is something that I’ve done 5 days a week over the last 4 years, so I know it very well. Getting through this first class meant that I had to recognize that I had new limits, and that I could push up against the pain and discomfort, but I had to do so carefully. It was like setting new boundaries. By the time class ended, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion. Yes, I shed some tears. I felt like I had a new understanding of myself, a new appreciation for the healing process, and a new respect for my own strength and my ability to know how far I could push myself.

In looking at the women who surrounded me that day and offered me so much support, and validation, and comfort, I realized that this is who we are as women, and this is the greatest gift we give to one another. We are willing to admit that we’re uncertain, afraid even, because we recognize the solidarity that exists between us. There are times when we learn that we need to set new limits for ourselves because we realize that although it’s possible to be very strong, we can sometimes be lead to think we have endless boundaries, which will only serve to undermine our strength and the sense of peace that comes with it. It’s called self-respect. We can’t allow ourselves to be taken for granted, or be unappreciated, especially when we’re willing to embrace things with our hearts wide open. Above all else, we support one another, we offer comfort when it’s needed, we share one another’s burdens, and we validate one another’s importance. It’s who we are, and it’s what we do.

For today’s cocktail I had to go with the original colors of the suffragettes, which were violet and green. I turned the idea of a Violet Cosmo on its head a by using a greater amount of Crème de Violette than my base spirit of Claremont vodka. I specifically chose the Claremont because it’s a potato vodka and that gives it a certain amount of buttery texture that worked perfectly in this cocktail. I added in lime juice to bring a sour component to the drink, as well as DRAM’s Lavender Lemon Balm bitters, and found that I still needed something to tone down the sweetness. I reached for some green olives as a garnish, and just a dash of olive juice for saltiness. It brought the drink into balance and gave me exactly what I was looking for. As women, we are a combination of so many different things and we’re brought together in this life to bring out the best in one another, and to stand stronger when we’re together. I witnessed it that day in class, and again just this week in profound conversations that I had with two very important friends who have known me forever. In celebration of International Women’s Day, I raise a glass to all the amazing women that I know, and that I’m so grateful to have in my life. Cheers everyone. Happy Friday!

Empower Me

1½ oz Giffard Crème de Violette
1 oz Claremont Vodka
½ oz lime juice
1 dash DRAM Lavender Lemon Balm bitters
1 dash olive juice

Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously until very cold. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a speared green olive. Enjoy!

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