Friday Musings: Follow me

Friday Musings: Follow me

This Friday Musings post begins with a question: when it comes to making a choice about something, do you follow your heart or head? Do you place more faith in your intuition or in your ability to reason? I suppose some of you might answer that it depends on the decision being made. There are certain matters that are better off decided by our heads, like those related to jobs, or finances, or education. You could make that argument. And you could just as easily try to convince me that there are other things, like love for example, that are best handled by our hearts. That’s certainly one way of looking at this question. You could also say that it depends on the nature of the person who’s making the decision. What does he or she value more: logical thought or intuitive feeling? We can even bring the horoscopes into this one. Who’s involved here? Is it a rational Virgo or an emotional Cancer? That can make all the difference in the world.

Either way, there are times when we step out of these boxes. For example, sometimes our gut tells us that the lesser paying job is going to make us happier, even though we don’t think of that decision as a matter of the heart. Conversely, our heart may be saying I really, really like this person, while our heads are throwing up all kinds of red flags. It might be our head that wins that one, even though sometimes we create those red flags when a person comes along who was not part of our plan. There are also times when someone who generally thinks through everything decides to go out on a limb and trust his or her intuition. And of course the opposite can also be true. The person who always follows his or her gut, sometimes even to the point of acting impulsively, decides to curb it all in with reason.

I tend to be someone who applies logical thought and who seeks clarity at every turn. It’s the way I’m wired. At the same time, I do have excellent intuition, and I have always wanted to really believe in having faith and in trusting the universe. Oh the many things I could stop thinking about if only I could accept that it’s all beyond my control, and that everything will work out exactly as it’s supposed to. Recently I decided to cross over to the other side and give trusting my intuition and the universe a whirl. It didn’t go very well. In fact, I pretty much landed flat on my face. Logic and reason picked me up off the ground, dusted me off, assessed the damage, and gave me the smallest nod of sympathy before smirking at me and saying told you so in unison. I know what some of you are saying: the universe intended for me to take that fall because sometimes certain situations, people, or moments cannot be avoided no matter how hard we try. They are simply meant to happen to us. That may very well be true, but it’s left me uncertain as to how I’d handle a similar situation in the future, when both logic and intuition will be whispering in my ear. Follow me, they’ll both say, with equal conviction. And I wonder which I’ll choose.

For today’s cocktail I decided on tequila as my base spirit because I always connect it with mental clarity. I also knew that I wanted to use a lemon verbena simple syrup because in the Victorian Language of Flowers it is said to mean both enchantment and sensibility. I thought that was incredibly appropriate for a drink associated with this post. I added in some Sukkah Hill Etrog liqueur for its subtle herbal flavor and balanced out the sweetness with lemon juice. A dash of Palo Santo bitters from DRAM was absolutely necessary since they are extracted from holy wood, which is said to have mystical powers that help promote clear visions. I definitely need some of those. Cheers everyone. Happy Friday!

Follow Me

2 oz Blue Nectar tequila
½ oz Sukkah Hill Spirits Etrog liqueur
½ oz lemon verbena simple syrup*
¾ oz lemon juice
1 dash DRAM Apothecary Palo Santo bitters

Add all the ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake until very cold. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a sprig of lemon verbena. Ask yourself which it will be: your heart or your head?

*Make a 1:1 ratio simple syrup and pour into a Mason jar. Add some lemon verbena leaves and steep until cool. Strain and store in the fridge for 2 weeks.

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