Summer Thoughts Cocktail #5: Poolside

Summer Thoughts Cocktail #5: Poolside

The last house that we lived in had an in-ground pool in the back yard that became the focus of many summer celebrations and gatherings over the years that we lived there. It was a wonderful thing to have, especially with 3 kids, since it meant there was no need to pack up the car and drive anywhere. We could simply wander outside whenever we wanted to, and then back inside again for lunch and a nap. There was a huge deck that overlooked the pool, and we planted lots of flowers in built-in boxes and containers in search of a tropical kind of feel. The pool had a fountain we’d turn on at night along with a light that would transform it into the most glorious shade of blue. Light up the tiki torches and turn on the music, and it was pretty easy to feel transported to an island paradise. When I think back on the many dinners and parties we had with family and friends, and the many lazy afternoons we spent out by that pool, it epitomizes summer for me and those moments when you feel as though your life is insulated from the outside world, especially when your kids are very young.

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Charlie Berkinshaw from Element [Shrub] at Cooper River Distillers in Camden, where I work. He and I spent the morning being cocktail geeks, along with James Yoakum. We mixed up lots of drinks that included Element’s shrubs and sodas and our rums. It was super fun and I think we clearly established that our products have a natural affinity towards one another. Since today is National Rum Day, and tomorrow we are making summertime drinks all day at the distillery in celebration of the Jimmy Buffet concert nearby at the BB&T Pavillion, I decided to make a riff on a rum fizz that Charlie and I came up with yesterday. It’s also in perfect sync with my summer thoughts for today. I can easily see this particular cocktail as having been perfect as a summer staple for our poolside gatherings. We’ll be pouring it tomorrow at the distillery from noon until 7 pm if you want to stop by and try one for yourself!


2 oz Petty’s Island white rum
1 oz Element [Shrub] Honeydew Jalapeño
1 oz lime juice
1 egg white
1 oz simple syrup

Shake everything vigorously without ice in a cocktail shaker to get the egg white nice and foamy. Add the ice and shake again until cold. Pour into a rocks glass over ice and top with Element Honeydew Jalapeño Shrub & Club. Garnish with a lime wheel and a jalapeño slice. Channel your inner Jimmy Buffet. Cheers!


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