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Love’s Bitter Revenge: Lillet Rouge steps into the spotlight

Lillet Blanc had its moment to shine yesterday in my Overdraft Protection cocktail where I used it in much the same way as I would a white vermouth.  Today I’m going to do something very similar with its lesser known sibling Lillet Rouge. Flavored by the Bordeaux grapes Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and fortified with orange liqueur and a bit of quinine, Lillet Rouge is excellent on its own, chilled with an orange slice. It was introduced to the world in…

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Poetry in a Glass: Silver and Exact

Sylvia Plath’s poems, especially those that were written just before her suicide in 1963, are so raw with emotion that it can be hard to read them in any other way but as confessional. While it is undisputed that most of what she wrote did reflect the absolute turbulence of her mind during that time period, her poetry does transcend its autobiographical element and can offer us a means of connecting with our own emotional state, but only if we…

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Wednesday Shakespeare: Infinite Jest

For those of you who are familiar with Shakespeare’s Hamlet, you know exactly why there is a skull in the picture above, and you know exactly which character I’m writing about today. For those of you who did not read the play or were not necessarily fans of Hamlet’s histrionics, I’ll explain in just a few minutes. Many of Shakespeare’s tragedies deal with the concept of death, but none has a main character that ponders the subject quite as much…

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Monday Booktails: Twentieth Century

For this week’s Booktails post, I’m sticking with Around the World in 80 Cocktails by Chad Parkhill, and paying a visit to Chicago, Illinois, not terribly far from last week’s destination of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dating back to 1937, the Twentieth Century cocktail was created by British bartender C.A. Tuck, who borrowed the name of a luxury train line that ran from Chicago to New York in the early part of the 20th century. We don’t associate train service with much…

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Thursday Barlogue: Aldine Restaurant, Philadelphia

While I love a modern, innovative drink that surprises me with wild ingredients, there’s something about a classic cocktail that truly speaks to my heart. For starters, I’m drawn to the idea that some of these recipes have been around since before Prohibition, and remain largely unchanged. I also like thinking that I’m drinking a cocktail that my parents might also have enjoyed while sitting at their favorite bar many