About Me!

About Me!



As a long time lover of wine, cooking, and entertaining, it seemed like a natural progression for me to move on to the world of making cocktails. While it made perfect sense that this would be my next step, I was totally unprepared for how passionate I would become about the subject. Suddenly there was nothing that brought me more joy than to figure out a recipe, track down its ingredients, choose the right glass… all so that I could serve what I hoped to be a perfectly made cocktail to the person sitting in my kitchen. (Or theirs – I often took my bartending show on the road). I quickly fell in love and my family and friends reaped the benefits. I wanted to share my passion even more and so the idea of this blog was born. My goal is to pass on what I’ve learned about the many ingredients, techniques, recipes, barware, glassware, and other countless items that make the cocktail world so much fun and so exciting. In addition to the drinks we can make at home, I also cover great local bars that I’ve visited and road trips that I’ve taken to visit distilleries, breweries, and the like. I hope that my blog inspires you to make your own perfect cocktails for your family and friends. To me, there’s simply nothing better than the smile that comes with that first sip. That’s how you know you got it right!

Please feel free to contact me at thirstycamelcocktails@gmail.com with any questions, ideas, recipes, etc. I’ll be happy to hear from you!

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